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Search Engine Optimisation

NetKonect offers 2 different seo options:

1. Getting the website seo ready. Seo is a once off process to rework website correctly with all the Meta tags, H1 tags, internal linking etc. This will let your website rank but it will not ensure constant increases in your website’s rankings

2. The next option is a more specialized approach and combines is combined with seo mentioned above. NetKonect offer a monthly search engine marketing service. With sem NetKonect focus in on five keywords that best describes your business, products and service and makes sure they rank very well on all the major search engines. This includes the following:

Aspects NetKonect monitors and update on a regular basis:

Review Page titles
Updating Metatag descriptions
Google Sitemap updates
Checking for Broken links
Ensure links in Top directories
Regular submission to new quality directories
Ongoing natural link building
Review of Alt & Title tags
Internal linking
Sending of Monthly reports regarding your website rankings & stats.

search engine optimisation (seo)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a systematic process to get your website search engine ready before we start online marketing. There are various aspects to consider and changes to be made before your website will ready for submission to the search engines. Since submitting your website to the various important search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, the site has to be 100% ready.

Some of the aspects we look at are to make sure that your Meta tags are setup correctly. The title tag is very important. Setting up of headers , optimizing images, looking at internal linking and content on the website and so on. Search Engine Optimisation has become a very important factor since there are allot of websites out there that has the potential to rank very well, but their website has been setup incorrectly.

We do not make use of any seo tricks to fool the various search engines to improve your rankings; we offer solid solutions to make sure that you achieve the rankings you require.

search engine marketing (sem)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a ongoing process to improve the rankings of your website on search engines. A lot of web users use search engines to find information on products or services. Currently Google is the leading search site on the WWW and NetKonect focus a ot of our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) on Google. It is an ongoing process to improve the rankings of a website on search engines and this is the reason why Search Engine Marketing is a must for any website owner.

The first step is for NetKonect to assist in optimising your complete website The second step is to submit your website to search engines. We still prefer the old school way of submitting to websites by doing it manually to all the most important search engines and directories. This said we do to automated submission to a couple of other smaller search engines worldwide.

The third step is to manage your website. This is to make sure that your rankings improve constantly. Link exchanges are very important to make sure that more and more sites link through to you and this is what we do on a monthly basis. Web sites are added, deleted, dropped and re-positioned on a monthly basis on the various search engines and they also go through change and some new ones are added, others merge or change their algorithms and all these factors are managed and considered on a monthly basis.

Please note that to achieve rankings on your website vary according the various search engines and this timeframe is anything between, 3 weeks - 3 months to start seeing results.

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